Low-Code API Testing

for Microservices

Bridging API development and API testing

Boost E2E API test creation speed by 10x.

Accelerate API development. 

Shift left service testing.

Shift-Left. Quality. Velocity.

Modern applications rely on complex interactions between services and APIs. Engineering teams must create E2E API tests as well as extensive service tests to shift testing left. As a result, API driven applications add a costly layer of effort intensive API testing tasks.

Mesh Dynamics is a low-code, data-driven solution that enables 10x speed-up in API test creation, accelerating API development.

  • API tests learned from application usage. Fast test creation.

  • Comparison rules and context propagation across API calls are machine learned.

Fast E2E API Test Creation

  • Auto-generated API contract tests for consumers of your API.

  • Ensure consumers of your APIs are not disrupted before submitting your code.

Automated API Consumer Contract Tests

Auto-generated Service Tests and

API Mocks

  • Create service tests from test requests during development.

  • Auto-created API mocks for all upstream API requests.

  • Run locally or in your CI pipeline.

  • Run your microservice in IDE. 

  • Catalog of API data for validation.

  • Flexible routing of egress requests. Use live services. Or auto-created mocks. 

  • Observability of egress requests for easy debugging.

Fast, Local Development of Microservices

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