Prevent API regressions

without massive engineering effort

Mesh Dynamics enables testing in near-production
in a lower environment

Built for modern fast-moving engineering teams

Engineering teams are adopting agile, shift-left, CI/CT/CD to increase velocity. Continuous testing requires engineers to take on the responsibility of creating test automation. But engineers do not have time or interest to write extensive test automation, leading to only “common happy path” test coverage. As a result, regressions can go undetected due to the lack of coverage. Mesh Dynamics adds comprehensive regression coverage to your continuous testing pipeline at a low engineering cost.

​A pragmatic take on record-and-replay ​

  • Designed to minimize engineering effort for automated testing

  • 100% API test coverage driven by actual usage

  • Optimized for microservices architecture

  • Low-footprint simulator that doesn’t need databases 

Comprehensive regression testing with low effort ​

  • Find regressions without test automation drudgery

  • Dynamically refreshed validation set

  • Simulated testing in production without the overhead

Who is it for?

  • Engineering teams without sufficient testing resources

  • Fast moving product teams with limited test automation cycles

  • Products where functional API testing is critical  

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