Dev cluster constraints slowing you down?

Bugs in other services blocking you from debugging your service?

Blocked by changes required to an upstream service?

Need to confirm compatibility with old and new versions of other service APIs?

Miss the convenience of IDE for debugging your microservices APIs?

Reduce dependence on live services in dev clusters.

Debug your microservice in an IDE as if all services are running locally.

Speed up local development with Mesh Dynamics


Productivity. Quality. Convenience.

  • Run your microservice in your IDE. Use full capabilities of the IDE for debugging.

  • Flexible routing of egress requests. Use services in your dev cluster. Or auto-created mocks. Or create mocks for APIs that are not available yet.

Debug Microservice 
APIs in Your IDE

  • Don't be blocked by buggy upstream  services in dev cluster, or be gated by availability of updates to upstream services. Use auto-created or customized mocks to unblock  development.

  • Eliminate repetitive add-print-statements >> package >> update-dev-cluster cycles.

Reduce Friction
During Development

Ensure Compatibility Requirements

  • Ensure your service meets required backward and forward compatibility requirements by using the appropriate mocks.

Use your favorite IDE for debugging microservice interactions

Observability: Trace request execution during development

Shift-left: Validate CI tests before submitting your refactored code

Easily identify changes across iterations or across time

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