Test Studio: Create Automated API Tests Fast

App- and service-level API tests for microservices – in minutes

Engineering teams are increasingly taking on responsibility for test automation. But engineers rarely have time or interest to write extensive API test automation, leading to “common happy paths” test coverage. 

Mesh Dynamics enables the development of comprehensive API regression test coverage for your continuous testing pipeline. Fast, and at a low engineering cost.

A pragmatic take on record-and-replay 

Drive your application from your UI. We observe the API requests at the gateway as well as across your services to build API tests. 

  • Rapid API test creation driven from UI

  • Designed to minimize engineering effort for automated API testing

  • Record once. Update tests from UI or Dev Studio.

  • Optimized for microservices architecture

Who is it for? 

  • Fast moving product teams with limited test automation cycles

  • Products where functional API testing is critical
  • Engineering teams without sufficient testing resources

Customize your API tests

Need to customize the API tests created from the UI? Add negative test cases? Use Mesh Dynamics Dev Studio to customize the auto-created tests, or add tests cases for conditions that cannot be created through the UI.

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