Service test generation

Mesh Dynamics automates creation of service tests for microservices APIs from requests used during developer testing. Mesh Dynamics utilizes API observability data captured during API development to generate both service tests as well as the API consumer contract tests.​ The requests to the upstream services are captured by routing the requests from the IDE to the API Studio proxy, and then forwarding the requests to the dev cluster.

Service tests using API requests from API development

  • Create service tests with requests during developer testing of APIs to automatically

  • Auto-generate service mocks for isolation from upstream services

  • Run pre-submit service tests locally before submitting code

  • Run service tests in CI

Consumer API contract tests

With Mesh Dynamics, you can verify the contracts for the consumers of your API using data from service tests. The contract tests are generated automatically by identifying the requests to your API from all the consumer services from their service tests, and extracting the contracts from actual requests and responses. By comparing these contracts with the latest service tests for your API, Mesh Dynamics can  identify any deviations from the contracts with any consumers of your API.