End-to-end API testing

Microservices applications involve rich API interactions. Getting test coverage for these APIs requires significant human effort. With typical sprint cycles, teams resort to light coverage of API tests and rely heavily on UI tests to discover problems, often inverting the test pyramid. Mesh Dynamics addresses the key challenges for microservices tesing with a no-code, scalable API test development solution. 

Scaling API Test Creation

Fast API test creation

  • Create API tests from the application UI based on user journeys.

Reduce manual effort with ML assisted decision rules

  • ML-assisted context propagation rules and significant change identification rules

Diagnose problems fast

  • Hone in on the API interaction problems fast for both contract and functionality.


Features and Benefits

Low-code API integration test creation

Develop API integration tests really fast with machine assisted API test generation based on expected user flows.

  • Get high coverage of API use patterns.

  • At a fraction of the cost of conventional API test development.

  • In a fraction of the time.

Convert machine-generated API tests into white box API tests

Not your typical record-and-replay testing tool. 

  • Customize and update existing tests either by modifying the JSON from the UI, or directly editing the requests and responses in the Dev Studio.

  • Add negative test cases from the Dev Studio.

Generate service level tests with no additional effort

Service tests are automatically generated from integration tests. All external services are automatically mocked -- no additional engineering effort required.

Diagnose regressions fast with trace-based analysis and diff of contracts

  • Analyze request execution trace from CI locally using data from CI. Identify sources of variances from the entire trace tree for each request.

  • Identify contract differences fast using a GitHub code comparison style visual diff of the contract of test run between the expected and actual response.