Improve microservices API development velocity

Mesh Dynamics leverages observed data from different stages of API development and testing to provide insight into API request execution, accelerating API development, test development and problem identification.

Scale End-to-End API Test Creation

  • Create E2E API tests fast, from the application UI

  • ML-assisted context propagation across requests

  • Use historical CI data to analyze unexpected regressions

Accelerate Developer Velocity

  • Get API observability for egress requests

  • Identify API changes with built-in diff

  • Shift-left: Run pre-submit service tests locally before submitting code

  • With Mesh Dynamics listeners installed, get API catalog of trusted requests and responses from CI tests

Automate Service Test Creation

  • Generate service tests from test requests during API development

  • Mocks of upstream services auto-created from test request data

  • Contract tests for API consumers generated from upstream services

CI environment

  • Integrate with CI tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.

  • Automated API catalog of trusted API data with Mesh Dynamics listeners installed

  • Accelerate testing with trusted API requests and responses from CI

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