API Studio v1.0.70

What's new

  • gRPC support

  • Tab status indicators

  • Deletion of egress requests from trace

Bug Fixes

  • Bug in cURL import

API Studio v1.0.68

What's new

  • Ability to save to a different collection

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes related to disabled parameters in headers and form params.

  • Issue related to account creation.

API Studio v1.0.67

What's new

  • Indication for changes in  egress requests compared to the baseline in the trace

API Studio v1.0.66

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes related to mock configurations when the request is initiated externally to API Studio.

API Studio v1.0.65

What's New

  • Capture requests and responses, save to collections, and create mocks by routing requests initiated externally through the API Studio.

  • Removes automatically pre-pending the {{{url}}} environment variable for requests not sourced from the API Catalog.

  • Service names are now editable from the UI.

  • New tabs are highlighted when they are populated from the API Catalog.

API Studio v1.0.64

What's New

  • UI includes indications for header, query parameters and body sections if they are populated.

  • Improvements to switching between diff view and full view of the responses.

  • Feedback form for providing user feedabck.

API Studio v1.0.63

Bug Fixes

  • A few small bug fixes related to egress requests being served from a live cluster.

API Studio v1.0.62

What's New

  • Flexible routing of egress requests. Requests can be served either by mock services or by live services with a simple configuration change.

  • All tab states persist across restarts.

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