API Studio v1.0.99

What's new

  • A proxy is included in API Studio to enable capturing API requests from SDKs

  • Comparison rules browser to assist in selection

  • Auto-complete suggestions for headers and environment variables

  • Export/import of service configurations

  • Matching criteria details provided for mock request matches

  • Naming ability for API requests saved to collections

  • Polling support for API requests while waiting for a response

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix for service naming UI

API Studio v1.0.97

What's new

  • Comparison rules separated from test requests, and can be explicitly selected from UI

  • Service name separated out from request path in API editor

  • Support added for self-signed certificates

Bug fixes

  • UI: API tab could be dragged out of the viewport

API Studio v1.0.91

What's new

  • Local replay driver for running service tests from API Studio

  • Configuration parameter for gRPC port

  • Form data support for importing cURL requests

  • In API Editor, highlight added to section of response with errors

Bug fixes

  • Service name for manually created API requests

  • Proxy requests with binary data

  • Handling multiple packages for gRPC proto

API Studio v1.0.87

What's new

  • Multiple values for same key in query string

  • Regex rules for comparing API responses

  • gRPC support enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Ingress request timestamp

  • Default mock context was not set when launching API Studio

API Studio v1.0.84

What's new

  • Comparison rules tab added

Bug fixes

  • gRPC traces

  • Handling of traces with errors in history

API Studio v1.0.83

What's new

  • Send gRPC requests to localhost

  • Mock services for gRPC requests

  • Response status code is editable for creating exception mock responses

  • API token is available from the Settings UI

  • Filtering for static events from API captures

Bug fixes

  • Timestamp for mocks

  • Sort order for API events

API Studio v1.0.82

What's new

  • Prioritization of longest match prefix for mock match

  • Improvements to multipart form data support in HTTP proxy

  • Collection name is shown when saving to a collection

Bug fixes

  • Several bug fixes related to gRPC support.

API Studio v1.0.81

What's new

  • gRPC support launched. Now you make gRPC requests to services in your dev cluster

  • Support added for different types of payloads for POST requests with Raw Data

Release notes

  • Saved POST requests using Raw Data created with earlier versions of API Studio will need to be updated to function properly. The data type dropdown for Raw Data will default to 'Text' with this update. If you have saved POST requests using JSON or other data types in Raw Data, please set the selector to the appropriate data type, and save the updated request back to the collection.

API Studio v1.0.79

Bug fixes

  • Issue identified in converting between test suite and collection

  • Bug fixes in running local service tests

API Studio v1.0.78

What's new

  • Added support for test endpoints that are not part of a pre-defined test configuration

  • Select the service to test for service tests

Bug fixes

  • Trace ID handling

API Studio v1.0.76

What's new

  • Specify endpoint for test runs manually

  • Context propagation UI

Bug fixes

  • Deletion of collections created from tests

API Studio v1.0.75

What's new

  • Apply environment variables to headers, parameters, and body

  • Context propagation UI

Bug fixes

  • gRPC request type setting

API Studio v1.0.74

Bug fixes

  • Fix for a bug related to tab duplication

API Studio v1.0.73

Bug fixes

  • Fix for traceID related bug

API Studio v1.0.72

What's new

  • Send cookies in requests

  • Refresh button for each collection

  • App management UI

API Studio v1.0.71

What's new

  • Convert between test suite and collections

  • Delete egress requests from traces

  • Deletion of egress requests from trace

Bug Fixes

  • gRPC handling

  • Missing trace tree elements

  • cURL import

API Studio v1.0.70

What's new

  • gRPC support

  • Tab status indicators

  • Deletion of egress requests from trace

API Studio v1.0.68

What's new

  • Ability to save to a different collection

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes related to disabled parameters in headers and form params.

  • Issue related to account creation.

API Studio v1.0.67

What's new

  • Indication for changes in  egress requests compared to the baseline in the trace

API Studio v1.0.66

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes related to mock configurations when the request is initiated externally to API Studio.

API Studio v1.0.65

What's New

  • Capture requests and responses, save to collections, and create mocks by routing requests initiated externally through the API Studio.

  • Removes automatically pre-pending the {{{url}}} environment variable for requests not sourced from the API Catalog.

  • Service names are now editable from the UI.

  • New tabs are highlighted when they are populated from the API Catalog.

API Studio v1.0.64

What's New

  • UI includes indications for header, query parameters and body sections if they are populated.

  • Improvements to switching between diff view and full view of the responses.

  • Feedback form for providing user feedabck.

API Studio v1.0.63

Bug Fixes

  • A few small bug fixes related to egress requests being served from a live cluster.

API Studio v1.0.62

What's New

  • Flexible routing of egress requests. Requests can be served either by mock services or by live services with a simple configuration change.

  • All tab states persist across restarts.