API Studio: Developer Tools for Microservices

No obervability into API interactions with upstream services during development?

Blocked by changes required to upstream services?

Spending a lot of time trying to identify what has changed?

Manually creating API mocks for service tests?

Whether you are already using microservices, or just starting the migration, API Studio helps you develop and test services efficiently. 

Speed up API development and testing with API Studio

  • View all egress requests as you execute API requests in your IDE.

  • See changes in egress requests, as well as responses from external services at a glance.

API observability for egress requests from your service

  • Create mocks for services using Mesh Dynamics listeners or API editor.

  • Never be gated by availability of dependent services.

Reduce dependency on upstream services

Identify changes to API behavior across code changes or time

Identify changes to responses for your service using historical data and the familiar diff format ...

... whether the changes are because of updates you are making to the service.

... or unexpected changes over time identified in the CI pipeline.

  • Leverage requests and data from testing during development to generate service tests automatically.

  • Run the service tests in pre-submit phase and in CI. With no additional engineering effort.

Automate service test  creation

Observability: Trace request execution during development

Use your favorite IDE for debugging microservice interactions

Easily identify changes across iterations or across time

Shift-left: Validate CI tests before submitting your refactored code

Leverage API traffic from CI during development

Leverage data from trusted sources such as your CI pipeline for test requests and service mocks. If your application is deployed with Kubernetes, you can easily leverage the value of your existing test traffic. Mesh Dynamics listeners can be deployed non-intrusively as sidecar containers with no change to your code.

Auto-generated API catalog


Mesh Dynamics automatically generates a catalog of all API requests captured by its listeners. Get visibility into all API interactions in your system with no additional effort.

Batch test APIs


Test your service locally for regressions using batched requests from your CI pipeline. Minimize the chances of discovering regressions after your code hits CI.

Leverage trusted API traffic


Leverage your CI pipeline for trusted requests and responses with no ongoing effort. Mesh Dynamics automatically generates test requests and faithful mocks from a variety of sources of observed data. Ensure there are no CI regressions even before submitting your code.

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