API Development

Flexible development environment configurations

Mesh Dynamics supports several common development setups to provide developers full flexibility in how they debug microservices APIs. Run the service being developed in your IDE, while other services are either mocked or live in a dev cluster. Use full capabilities of your IDE to develop and debug your code, and get API observability of egress requests from your service. However, should you need to run your service in the dev cluster, Mesh Dynamics supports that as well. 

Service in IDE with egress requests served from dev cluster

Service running in IDE with all egress requests mocked

Service in dev cluster along with all other services

Developer features and benefits

Diagnose API failures with observability and trace-based analysis

Eliminate dependency on having the right upstream services with continuously learned mocks

Seamlessly switch between mocks and live services without altering your workflow

Review change in functionality fast using GitHub code comparison style interface

Shift-Left: Reduce CI failures by testing before code submit

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